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Railroad Division Services

Paragon Construction Systems Inc. in Ogden, Utah specializes in railroad systems, including:

Signal Construction & Maintenance

  • Construction: We Provide All Phases for Construction Projects.
  • Signal Systems: From the Installation of a Grade Crossing to a Complete Signal System.
  • FRA Maintenance and Inspections: We Service Many Railroads and Facilities to Keep in Compliance with the FRA Parts 234 and 236 and More.
  • Testing: We Test Signal Systems, Relays, Cable, Grounding, Hi-Potential, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Communications and Controls.
  • Commuter Rail: Wayside Systems, Positive Control Systems (PTC), CAB Signal Systems and Radio Frequency Systems.
  • Light Rail and Street Car: Signal, Electrical, Communications and Design Build.
  • Short Lines: Grade Crossing Warning Systems, Signal Systems, Electrical, Signal Inspections & Maintenance and Track Inspections & Maintenance.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Railroad slideshow

Vegetation management slideshow

Track Construction

  • Industrial Tracks
  • Intermodal Yards
  • Switch Repairs
  • Switch Heaters
  • Tie Replacement and Surfacing
  • Defective Rail Replacement
  • Track Maintenance
  • FRA Track Inspections
  • Sub-Grade Preparation
  • Drainage Structures (ditches, conduits, retaining walls)
  • Mainline Sidings
  • Unloading Pits
  • Scales
  • Trans Load Facilities
  • Custom Requirements
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Vegetation Control Management

  • Main Line, Short Line, Yard Tracks and Facilities
  •  Track Brush Cutting Programs

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